Music Videos


Guess Who's Crying Now?
Our own, locally-produced Video using the Soundz Studio recording

Sing: 54 Red Door

Introducing...   at Vange Working Men's Club gig

Live at The Running Well Acoustic Club
(54 Red Door Streamliner - just the four of us played that night)
Why Can't You Be True? and (Wickford) Town Boogie

No Time For The Blues
Featuring Terry Buck on Drinks

Time For Me
Too Much Flow
Labelled 'Two...' on You Tube

What About The Night?


Not Fade Clapping Candy Away   :-)
(It's a Medley)

Long Train Running
with Steve Eliwell on guitar

Oye Como Va
also with Steve Eliwell
The Bowers Club videos all feature the very excellent Amin Jiwani on percussion
Stephen Evans recorded and produced the Guess Who's Crying Now? audio track
and the video for it was filmed and produced by Richard Dawson
The sound on number of these is taken straight off the camcorders/cameraphones.
These, as you might know, almost always use automatic level control.   Sorry.
(That's why it 'pumps' between the loud and soft sections,  including guitar chords).
I hope that that doesn't spoil it too much for you  - I might have some of them recorded independently on my Tascam, but it takes time to get it nice, (lip-sync).                             Technophobe Geoff    Autumn 2015
.                                                                                                                                               Update May 2016
P.S. There are more Bowers Club recordings now - You Tube generally makes them run consecutively, (which is usually very irritating), so not all are listed here. I'll set up a dedicated list in time. TG 09/2015
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These are mainly YouTube and Facebroke hostings, (so you will get a new Window/Tab), except for No Time For The Blues, which is on this website