I have designed a new 'Frontdoor' page and am reworking some, maybe all of the website for better display on 'mobile' screens.

The original pages should all still work. He says, confidently.

I have finished writing the new audio player program, and have moved all recent recordings over to it - sadly in MP3 format.

Although this saves on website server space, the quality is poorer AND, it turns out, some mobile web browsers cannot play MP3s. Expletives deleted.
Technophobe Geoff 2017-03-23
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P.S. I have altered the main menu slightly, because the thin, original buttons do not always respond to the touch screen on mobiles.

Those 'header' buttons are now all drop-down only.

As I have said elsewhere, the 'FrontDoor' route is the better option for mobiles.

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