The Plough, Westcliff

426-428 London Road, Westcliff-on-Sea, SS0 9LA

The London Road, (A13), has a Y-junction with traffic lights, immediately after The Palace Theatre, where it splits off to Prittlewell.

The Plough is literally next door to the theatre, right on the traffic lights, with a small car park behind. You cannot rely on getting a space, but there are side roads close by, if there is nowhere on the A13 itself.

The stage was enlarged in 2015 and the whole bar opened up a little - nothing drastic; they still have the lead-light windows - it's a fine old building.

They support a lot of live music and the modifications made it quite a lot more comfortable, for us, at least. (There are seven of us and we overflowed the stage in the past).