The Owl and Pussycat, Basildon
164 Clay Hill Road Basildon SS16 5DF

Most of the band have known this place since schooldays.
Not that I would like to imply that any of us would have done anything so outlandish as to go into a pub during our schooldays.

The venue is on Clay Hill Road - one of the older Basildon roads, (designated as the B1419), and it runs all the way from the town centre, (from Southernhay, under the railway bridge opposite the bus station), out to Vange on the old A13, (B1464 London Road).

The Owl and Pussycat is exactly at the first mini roundabout, on the junction with Sparrows Herne. It's animal mayhem.

Alternatively, you might want to come from the other end of Sparrows Herne by taking the roundabout exit opposite to the Hospital on Nether Mayne, (which is the road running from The Five Bells roundabout down to Roundacre roundabout near the town centre).
Watch out for the slightly ill-conceived 'traffic calming' system in Sparrows Herne itself, if you do.