The Jolly Friar Public House
Whitmore Way, Basildon, SS14 3JT

The pub is on the left, going out of town, about three-quarters of the way along Whitmore Way.
Set back with a broad parade of shops and a car park in front.

It is one of the original roads, so locals know Whitmore Way. It runs from Ghyllgrove at its south-western end, which itself comes off Broadmayne, (A1321), at traffic lights near the centre of town.

Whitmore Way heads out to East Mayne, (A132), and the Felmores estate at its north-eastern end.
The A127, from there, is maybe a mile to the north, at the Nevendon flyover.

This is our most regular venue*, and we have been playing there since not long after we got together.
It has a good mix of clientele, and has a bar layout that allows the audience some choices.

Two rooms join either side of the main part of the bar where we play, and, together with the domed ceiling, produces acoustics that I find good to work with.
The only slight down side is that the stage area has big pillars either side of its short flight of steps, and they get in the way of the view a bit - but at least we get a reasonable setup space.

*@2019: They have had various changes of management and refurbishments; maybe we will return.