Barstable Social Club, Basildon
Barstable Community Centre, South Riding, Basildon SS14 1PD     01268 551191

I believe that this venue came to us from contacts that we had from when we used to play at The Long Riding pub. It seems to be variously known as Barstable Club, The Barstable Social Club or The Barstable And District Social Club.

I cannot find a website but there is a facebroke page, which has a map link.

The Community Centre is a little obscured by clouds from view, in a short road called South Riding.

South Riding is behind the shops at Stacey's Corner on Timberlog Lane, on the left  just after you turn into Long Riding. Fork right, beween the trees, and you will come to a car park.

Taking either Broadmayne or Clay Hill Road from the town centre will get you to one end or the other of Timberlog Lane

Long Riding itself once ran straight from the town to Timberlog Lane / Barstable but there is a short bus-only section now - a commuter rat-run block, I think    : (